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A unique and wacky fishing game


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Fishing Strike is a 3D fishing game that challenges you to catch all kinds of prey: from the tiniest most colorful fish all the way to sharks, carp and anglerfish. You can fish practically anything you can think of. In fact, one of your objectives is to collect the more than 500 types of fish included in the game.

Controls in Fishing Strike are really well adapted to touchscreens. By clicking on the button that’s located on the lower right side of the screen you can wind the thread, but keep in mind that sometimes you’ll have to use other parts of the screen. Also, on the lower left side you’ll find the buttons to activate special skills.

Fishing Strike doesn’t just give you the chance to go fishing and try to collect all the types of fish in the game, it also lets you visit dozens of regions scattered all over the world and customize your ship. As you start playing and earning money and other materials, you can add tons of different upgrades to your vessel. The better your ship is, the better the areas where you can fish.

Fishing Strike is an excellent, unique and fun fishing game that lets you capture half a thousand different types of fish and travel all over the world. The game also includes incredible visuals.
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Android 4.0.3 or greater is required